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Interview with Costa of the ABC TV Gardening program on 12th March 2017

March 9th and 10th found Puzey Garden Products at the Ipswich Plant Expo where we introduced our new products.  Customers love the adjustable Easy Stake but had also asked if we could make a taller stake. So Clive went into his cave (the shed) and designed a stake which will support tall plants.  We trialled the new tall Easy Stake on our very tall and fragile flame lily which is the national flower of Clive’s former country of residence, Zimbabwe. The plant survived 60 knot winds and lasted for weeks.

The Ipswich Plant Expo was a great success and full marks go the organisers.  We will be back next year.

Saturday March 23 we are off to the Redlands Good Gardening Expo.  Come and seeour Easy Stake – The Gardener’s Mate.

We would love to meet you.

We visited the Toowoomba  Leafmore Garden Club Meeting on Friday 22 February. The meeting is held at the Glennie School.  Clive and Diana showed and spoke about Easy Stakes. We enjoyed talking to the members over some delicious supper.

Trip to Casino


Once upon a time two adventurous people in their 70s set off to sell their garden stakes at a market in the New South Wales town of Casino.
Casino is usually a 2.5 to 3 hour trip from Toowoomba but this trip took over 4 hours. Did it take so long because  
·         the older driver is slowing down
·         the newly acquired ute is not as fast as a formula 1
·         dodging all the pot holes caused by the prolonged wet weather over the past couple of years was a challenge  or
·         slowing for road works caused delays.
.  Maybe we apportion some time to each.
Fortunately a long standing family friend (Diana’s) Eleni and her husband Chris offered us a bed so we went down the night before the show. We had a lovely dinner, lots of chat and good night’s sleep –occasionally disturbed by the rain.
We fronted up to the show on Saturday and set up the stall.
It rained and it rained and it……………….
The entrepreneurs managed to sell some product and Eleni has some for her mother who is a great gardener and especially successful with orchids.
After a fun but not financially highly successful day, but making some good contacts for future events, the pair packed up and set off for home
The fun started about 1 k from the first town, Kyogle.  The engine died.  The Driver’s face was a picture of panic. While the Navigator read her book the Driver walked back to the garage to be advised - no tow trucks in town and no parts could be even ordered till Monday.  The resourceful Driver, not wanting to spend two, maybe three nights in Kyogle, scrounged a piece of hose from the garage (we have to return it on Monday), purchased a 5.5l can, filled it with fuel and returned to the vehicle.  He winged about the cost of the fuel can $14.00 but that was cheaper than accommodation and meals!
The intrepid travellers soon set off on the 300km trip home with a hose taking the fuel from the can perched on the Navigator’s knee out the window (thank heaens for those old triangular windows) and to the engine. Every 30 odd ks the driver had to siphon fuel from the vehicle’s tank to the can.  Four cans had to be siphoned before the travellers made it to a fuel station.  On the Navigator’s advice the Driver purchased another 5.5 l can (ouch another $14.00) but what a fuel pumping Navigator the Driver had then.  She could even change cans while the engine was going and they managed to garage hop all the way home,  No more sucking petrol for the driver!
The 300 ks were not without incident
1.    The first can ran out and the vehicle came to a halt  in a one lane section of road works between control lights. Fortunately because it is manned 24 hours per day they had some muscle to push them to safety and watch the driver suck petrol.
2.    They missed the turn at Ipswich.
3.    The navigator was getting a bit tired and dropped her bundle causing the vehicle to die right at some traffic lights.  A quick lift of the can and the hose got the vehicle started again within the light change.
4.    By the time they were approaching Plainlands the Driver suggested dinner at the pub.  The Navigator, using a previous life of wanting to get out of rough weather into harbour, suggested they press on.  However, common sense prevailed and they stopped to refuel themselves – the right decision.
5.    Finally coming up the range (with a spare can of fuel) the engine started to overheat.  However they made it home ( just) and the Driver has spent his planed day of rest pulling off the head.
What a combination of Driver and Navigator.
The Puzey Garden Stakes Team


Come and visit us at The Ipswich Plant Expo on Saturday 9th and Sunday 1oth March, 8am-4pm.  You will find us at:
Site No D04
Ipswich Plant Expo
Ipswich Turf club
Brisbane Road

The Expo will feature over 100 stalls dedicated to plants and related products, two days of presentations giving lots of good gardening information, a variety of food stalls plus a “Kids Zone”







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