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Thank you customers for your feedback and suggestions to make Easy Stake a better Gardener’s Mate.  You may now choose stakes from 55 cm to 190 cm tall.

From your input  Easy Stake has introduced a new model in three different heights.

The new model has two parts. 

1.     It retains Easy Stake’s  unique features:


  • the unique easy opening clamp which holds the plant securely
  • the flexible wire top section which allows the plant to move and develop strong root systems
  • adjustable to ensure plants are supported at the right height.


 2.     The lower section of the Easy Stake is aluminium tube, of various lengths,  which is sharpened to make it easier to drive into the ground

Combine these two parts and you have an Easy Stake with a strong base with our screw and lock adjustable top . 


Please Click on the play buttons below to view the videos:

These bed covers are made to order:


16th of January 2013

To Whom It May Concern

During the past year I have had the pleasure of trialling Easy Stakes developed by Puzey Garden Products in my Gold Coast garden. Before trying the Easy Stakes I was using old wire coat hangers bent into inelegent supports for my plants.

I found the stakes easy to use and extremely practical. However, I did make one recommendation which Clive incorporated into the design.

I have used the stakes on indoor and outdoor pot plants, supporting orchids as well as in the garden beds.

Because I sometimes needed to cut the original Easy Stake to shorten it, I really like the new adjustable model which may be adapted to many garden situations. One great advantage is that I may use the one stake which I adjust as flowers or plants grow.

I have enjoyed assisting Clive and Diana in this project. I am so impressed with the product that I gave Easy Stakes as Christmas gifts to my gardening friends.



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